Things I Want


Items are in no particular order.

Largely, this list is for my own record-keeping and related satisfaction. It’s a good place to keep links to things that I might want to buy in the near or far future. It is also a good way to look deep into my soul. Plus, if you want to get me some stuff it might come in handy. You’re going to give me something? Oh…. you shouldn’t have! Oh, Thank you, thank you very much!

The List

Books, CDs, DVDs, and more…

There is a healthy selection on my wish list at but to be honest most of that doesn’t get me very excited these days.  There are lots of books, many of which I have likely never heard of, that I would like to read.  I highly recommend browsing and purchasing from Portland’s Powells.

Everything Else

Projects: There are a few things on the Make: open source hardware gift guide that I’d enjoy having, mainly the Chumby, the Arduino project board, the Make controller kit, and the tube amp.

MoMA: There are cooler watches for ten times the price, but the Mini Motion watches are very cool and down within the realm of reason. There are many nice watches at the MoMA store.

Computer: It’s not cheap, but it would be really nice to have a Drobo storage robot.  It won’t weld cars together or rise up against human kind; it’s not the kind of robot you are thinking of.  It’s basically just a nice way to keep a lot of data safe from hard drive failure.

More computer: My memory stick broke a while back.  Occasionally it would be very nice to have a new one.  It doesn’t have to have much storage, just be small and very sturdy.

Camera: Now that I have a 430EX flash for my camera it would be really cool to also have an 580EX for for a mini studio setup.

More camera: The 15mm f/2.8 Canon fisheye might be my next lens. It’s not a “professional” L series but it’s supposed to have good optics [FM Review]. There also is a similar Sigma lens [FM review] that might be just as good. On my cropped frame SLR this focal length is the equivalent of a 24mm on a full frame 35mm camera and shouldn’t be very “fishy.”

Even more camera: For low light shooting I would love to have the Canon 24mm f/1.4 [FM Review], but it’s about $1100!

Magazines: Scientific American, Technology Review, Make, and Black & White Photography are all magazines I have enjoyed reading.

Handy things: Graph paper in notebook or pad form is always useful. And, handier than duct tape, gaffer tape is sticky, strong, and yet temporary. Get me and everyone you know a roll.

Clothing: I could use undershirts of both long and short sleeve varieties. The ones that fit me the best are from Banana Republic, size smll. Fun t-shirts like those from Thinkgeek are also nice.  I have a preponderance of darker colors so white or very light colors might be better.

Toys: Monica has given me a LEGO star destroyer; it would be nice if I also had an At-At for the inevitable ground assault.  I also have room for a keychain cactus, and a Klein Stein. Games for our Wii would be nice: two that come to mind are Mario Cart and Zelda.