Wind Coming

Nicolas Cage in The Weather Man, umbrella in rain
We’ve been hit with some crazy nice weather recently. The last few days have reached up into the 70s (after a few weeks were it was getting down to freezing at night). Now it looks like we are in for a fun ride tomorrow. Temperatures are dropping rapidly and the wind will reach into the upper 30s in MPH, gusting to 57 MPH. This according to the best forecast around, the National Weather Service – Ann Arbor.

Oh, and this makes a convenient segue into a mention of The Weather Man staring Nicolas Cage. It’s not a bad movie, I recommend seeing it. Nicolas Cage doesn’t always play it perfectly and at times the writing is overwrought, but there are a few brilliant bits of humor (one being the tartar sauce train of thought scene) juxtaposed against some believable drama. Cage plays a Chicago TV weatherman who’s life is simultaneously going right and going wrong, mostly wrong. It can be uncomfortable to watch because Cage’s character very clearly doesn’t know how to handle himself, but he somehow muddles through.

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