Phase I is now Phase Done

In celebration of the end of the first phase of US muon chamber integration and commissioning there was a barbeque held at the CERN picnic area today (it’s “building 6529″ on the Prevessin site, behind the H-8 test beam building). What a beautiful day it was! We had good turnout, and fun seemed to be had by all. A volleyball was batted around (kicking the volleyball is only allowed after 8:30pm!). Fat was chewed around the grill. Jeremy complained bitterly about the white wine and then drank four more cups of it. Quite possibly there was the suggestion of frolicking, though I couldn’t be bothered to notice with all that watermelon needing to be consumed. I hear there was plenty of meat left over for further grilling, but we took care of the red wine and deserts quite easily; too easily, I’d say. Oh, dessert, how fleeting you are! What ATLAS needs is more Phases to complete. Phase I.1 could be wine and cheese, Phase I.2 could be enchiladas and margaritas, Phase I.3 could be handmade pesto and pasta, Phase I.4 could be roast turkey and pie, and so on, and so on, and so on… I swear I tightened down at least 25 phases worth of screws while working on those chambers in 184 last year.

Note: you can click on the picture for a larger version. I hope to have even more online in the gallery very soon. I know I have been horribly delinquint regarding the web site; but, there is hope. In fact, if it was not for the picnic today (we lingered ’til dark), I would have got a few weeks worth of pictures, including Rome, online tonight. So, be watching for new stuff tomorrow night.

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