Haute Horlogerie

I’ve been thinking about watches recently. Spending so much time in Switzerland it was bound to happen. Because of a mention in a recent New York Times article, I recently became intrigued with the T-touch series of Tissot watches. This lead Jeremy and I to discover the unremarkable in style but gradiose in name, T-Lord. Tissot has gotten a little full of themselves, I’d say. Nevertheless, they do have a few decent watches that I would consider buying if I was looking to spend half a grand on a watch. For Swiss watches Tissot isn’t far from affordable, meaning the prices scale goes roughly Casio → Swatch → Tissot → everthing else in the shop windows of Geneva.

But, where the T-Lord is all talk, the Opus V is 100% action, multiple axes of rotation action. I can never have enough axes of rotation. This is the watch I would buy if money was no object and my wrist was man enough. The limited production (100 in total) and absolutely no reference to price leads me to believe that the Opus V is for people of a much higher station in life, a station so high their piss is just a warm spring drizzle to me.

Oh well, I can always go out back and fry ants with my watch. That should make a me feel pretty good about myself in addition to keeping me informed enough to be home in time for Dukes of Hazard, and isn’t that all these watches are really about?

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  1. Jeremy said,

    November 3, 2005 @ 3:05 am

    T-Lord is in fact the coolest name for a watch ever invented. Actually it’s the coolest name for any object or person ever invented.
    If I had children, I would immediately sell them to get my own Opus V.
    You know you’ve been in Switzerland too long when you are seriously considering buying a $1,000 watch.

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