Pisa Pics and More

Just for the record and in case you are one of those strange folk who bother to look at my blog and yet still don’t hit reload on my gallery every five minutes I’d like to announce some new gallery entries.

Week 17 has some pictures from an evening at our favorite bar here in Geneva. In attendance were John, Reid, Giulia, Francois, Florent, Filip, and a friendly stranger (Tori) with a small leather jacket that doesn’t look half bad on me. This is the photoset that finally puts to rest Mom’s complaints about not having enough pictures of me. In fact I hear there are too many. Too Many? TOO MANY?! Why isn’t this quite an about-face on such a critical point of contention!

For those of you are mostly disinterested in our jolly little tungsten toned night lives then might I offer up Week 18 which includes photos from my trip to Pisa. That set has it’s fair share of carousing as well, but for you scenic/travel photo lovers out there I’ve thrown in a few pics of leaning towers and such. Nibble on the bits you find tastiest, there is enough to go around.

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  1. Florent said,

    May 30, 2005 @ 10:16 pm

    Thanks Alan for all your great pictures. I can show to my friends how strange are all of you ;-)

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