Tiled Mini

Anyone who has spent a moderate amount of time with me in recent years knows I think the new Mini Coopers are intensely cool. In case you are a wealthy philanthropist with concerns for the downtrodden and carless I might note that there is one special boy out there with unfulfilled $23k dreams: Cooper S + purple haze body color + black roof + premium & convenience packages. Keep me in mind*.

In further Mini news, a lucky few have their Mini Cooper kitchen/bathroom ready: Bisazza presents tile mosaic Minis. The concept has some strange appeal, though the patterened one at the top is a little too grandma’s-tea-set for me. The RGB stripes aren’t bad, though, and the black and white checker is quite classy (all formal-wearish up close, but fading to a nice grey at a distance). Of course you need to watch for mildew and regrout after 60,000 miles.

Slapping a few tiles on a Mini isn’t anywhere as cool as rebuilding it into a robot, but thankfully it lacks that whole enslaving the human race downside.

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