Real American Dining

Buffalo Bill
Reid’s mother took us to Buffalo Grill in Ferney-Voltaire for dinner tonight. For better or worse, they are a very good representation of American dining. Except for the carpaccio and crème bruelé on the menu, there is little to tell them apart from your standard American strip-mall steakhouse. Considering their name it seemed fitting to have the Pavé de Bison, cooked rare. I forgot to ask if the bison was imported from the US, or if somewhere in France there are farmers raising bison, a notion that somehow appeals to me. Though I’m primarily a fish and shrimp person I found the meat to be pleasant enough. The roquefort sauce was unimpressive, and the green beans were sad but edible.

Speaking of food, I whipped up a very good potato-eggplant soup this afternoon. I happen to have some beef in the fridge that I considered adding to the soup, but I’m glad I stuck to just vegetables. With this surprise trip to Buffalo Grill my tiny red-meat digestive subsystem might have been overwhelmed. Also today: John made some awesome brownies using the chocolate that Guilia gave me for plant-sitting during her long Easter break. He also had some very tasty hot spiced wine ready when I finally dragged myself out of my room after a long morning of internet-in-bed, hair cutting, and cleaning.

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