Merry Christmas to all! Yesterday our house was descended upon by the holiday hords of children that my extended family typical musters these days. There was Christmas ham and my sister’s delicious chocolate covered peanut butter balls (made in plentiful quantities for once), as well as the usual cheap wine and cards playing. Today is a much quieter, immediate-family-only affair, much more my style. (And our older cat, Penelope, agrees with me. Stray wrapping paper can be great to play in as long as there are no strangers around that need to be hissed at.)

I gave and received great quantities of books, as is my usual inclination. Follow the link for details.

Outgoing books


Also I was given a remote control blimp, and just for a moment I wondered how I was going to fill it up and fly it. Duh! We have full-sized 200 bar tanks of helium sitting around at work, not to mention a huge indoor space. Why did I not have a blimp already?

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