Naps, Coconuts, and Vampires

Sheryl Lee in John Carpenter's Vampires
Last night Reid and I entertained ourselves by joining Pascale and Guilia at Pascale’s apartment. We just hung-out and watched some TV. First up was a French analogue to American Idol. For a show where people are supposed to show off their singing, there is a surprising amount of talk. Boring! In addition, it started to annoy me that it was clear the producers had selected the widest possible variety of contestants (except the heavily underrepresented majority, ugly people). Let’s face it, in reality we are not all beautiful or unique snowflakes (or so I hear). And what’s with 4 of the 5 people booted off being women? I guess if TV has taught us anything it is that females are the inferior sex. (…and that there is more to
people and
coconuts than the world gives credit.)

By the way, this Gilligan’s Island trivia is fascinating

The ship’s name, S. S. Minnow, was not named for the fish but rather for Newton Minow, head of the FCC in 1961. Minow was the one who called television “America’s vast wasteland”. Sherwood Schwartz did not care for Minow so he named the soon-to-be shipwrecked ship after him.

Second up on the TV was
Vampires, staring James Woods. This is about the time Pascale and Reid checked out (see below), a good thing because Pascale likely would have suffered some deep emotional trauma from the sight of a Vampire impaling a man with his bare hand, strangling a woman on the other side of the man with that hand, and then splitting the man vertically in two. We didn’t stay until the end, but I assume Woods eventually takes care of things with the necessary combination of heart-stakes, decapitations, and incinerations. It’s nice to see that Woods is doing good things with that
scholarship to MIT.

As alluded to above, Pascale put in a command performance of her brilliant
sleeping trick. Reid, taking a lesson from this greatness, caught a few winks himself in what was a stellar first showing on the kitchen couch (yes, Pascale has a kitchen couch!) in the novice sleeping-during-social-functions category. Meanwhile, Giulia and I stood guard in case of vampire attack. Finally, what’s with Giulia buying a cake instead of baking it herself? I expect better!

My chocolate covered banana candy went unappreciated.

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