Grokster Brief from FSF

The title on this Boing Boing article says it all “Free Software Foundation tears MPAA a new one in Grokster brief.” The whole brief is great, not just the Boing Boing quote. One additional example is the following, which brackets the Summary.

Contrary to petitioners self-serving announcement, this is not one of the most important copyright cases ever to reach this Court. … The Court below quite properly rejected petitioners novel and untenable claim that the doctrine of contributory copyright infringement affords a few copyright-related businesses power to define the technical structure of the Internet.

In the teeth of this Court’s clear statements extending back almost a century, without the slightest statutory justification, petitioners claimed below that they had a right to veto the technological design that organizes the majority of contemporary traffic on the global Internet. Not surprisingly, they lost, and now resume their blustering before this Court. In referring to this as a very important case, petitioners characteristically mistake self-importance for the real thing.

These are the times when being a lawyer seems like it might actually be good fun. How do you like that sharp stick of rationality in the eye, MPAA?

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