Documentary about ATLAS physicists: Colliding Particles

There is so much reporting about the LHC and ATLAS that it seems much more common to find new items via my general browsing rather than the ATLAS announcement lists. CERN is big these days it’s even staring alongside Tom Hanks this summer. This is one example. I found it on BoingBoing Gadgets:

A well produced documentary series called Colliding Particles: Hunting the Higgs follows a small group of ATLAS scientists. It’s not overloaded with flashy shots from the ATLAS cavern, but it does integrate some fun little animations and solid explanations. There is definitely a nice personal angle to it and an effort to show the practicalities of work as a theorist and as an experimentalist. The first episode is embedded below. There are a total of four episodes: Codename Eurostar, Bing Bang Day, Conference Season, and Problems.

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