Long Live Lebanon!

My friend Pascale from Lebanon has very bothered by the recent bombing in Beirut in which former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was killed. Since 1976 Lebanon has been occupied by Syrian troops, ostentiably for “peacekeeping” purposes. Not surprisingly, the large influence that Syria holds in the much smaller country of Lebanon (which is 18 times smaller in area, and 5 times smalle in population according to the CIA World Factbook) is not welcomed by many Lebanese. The assassinated prime minister was in support of a much reduced Syrian influence.

So, last week Pascale was possessed to email a long list of Lebanese living in and around Geneva and propose a peaceful sit-in on the Pont du Mont Blanc in the center of Geneva in support of a fully independent Lebanon. It seems a few of the Lebanese took a liking to the idea and Friday Pascale spent the day fielding calls from the Geneva police as well as the United Nations. It is all quite exciting. A number of us will be heading into Geneva with Pascale to support her in her rabble-rousing (and of course I’ll be taking pictures). Let’s hope it goes well.

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