This is mega cool: The Periodic Table of Visualization Methods (found via BoingBoing). It shows many different ways of visualizing data from Tukey box plots to Infomurals. The very nice examples pop up as you roll over the table. Oh, beautiful informational graphics, why do I love you so? If you love graphics in all their glorious permuations as much as I do, you need to run to your nearest book lending/selling establishment and check out Eduard Tufte’s work. I thought I owned two of his three most significant books, but I recently discovered that he has produced a fourth one, and now I’m really behind!

Log Animals page from Tufte book

By the way, on his web site Tufte lays some minor smack down on the iPhone for, of all things, the way it displays the time (scroll nearly to the bottom). The man doesn’t compromise when it comes to comas versus colons and I like that.

Speaking of Tufte, he was mentioned in passing in a course I’m taking this semester, Networks: Theory and Application. It’s not too surprising that his work came up considering how integral issues of visualization are to the study of networks. The course looks like it will be a lot of fun. It may not have much direct relevance to my research, but I’m excited about the material and the field seems to be a really popular one these days. The topic of networks is so hot it’s right up in everyone’s face(book) these days. The professor for my class even won a vote for Wired Sexy Geek of 2006, and I think the geek vote is just as much about the sexiness of the work as a pretty face. This brings me to the last juicy link of the day, for our first assignment in the Networks course we had to peruse VisualComplexity, which is a jolly good time. Check it out!

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