Sunny Kauai and Icy Ann Arbor Pictures

Kaui ocean and ridgeThey went up at least a week ago, but just for the record, I have uploaded my pictures from Kauai. Captions are still not complete and I think I still need to upload three panoramas I stiched together. My parents, sister, and I spent five days on the island betwen Christmas and New Years. It was a very nice trip. Trips like that could always be longer, but I think we got to do all the major things we wanted to do,

  • One day on the north shore all the way to the edge of the Na Pali coast
  • One day visiting Waimea canyon (the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”) and short hike around the upper edge of Kalalau Valley
  • One day at the National Botanical Gardens and a trip to the beach
  • One day touring a monestary with incredibly beautiful grounds and a short trip to a beach
  • One day snorkeling at a beach on the southern shore
  • Lots of Mahi Mahi and Portugese baked goods

On the opposite end of the weather spectrum… we had some freezing rain that coated all of Ann Arbor in ice a few days ago, and I have uploaded some pictures. It was followed by a tiny dusting of snow. This doesn’t happen too often, and it’s exciting when it does. The weather got even colder the next day as the sky cleared so we were treated to a couple days of sparkling trees, they almost looked metallic. By now most of the ice is gone, but it’s snowing again. Snow is the one thing we haven’t seen much of this year.

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