ATLAS on BoingBoing

ATLAS cavern, C-side, 7 Jan 2007

My experiment, ATLAS, got a mention on BoingBoing recently. But, what they mention, the assembly and testing of the barrel torroid magnets is old news. The cavern is already a lot more crowded. You can keep up to date with the ATLAS web camera. On one end of the barrel you can see the scaffolding within the torroid which gives access to the muon chambers nestled throughout barrel toroid and the inner systems that are partially installed. The other end is covered by one layer of the muon endcaps, the thin gap chambers. One of the detector installation cameras is trained on the first few sectors of the endcap drift chambers, the ones I worked on, which are being assemled into a full, five-story high wheel. The sectors (pie slices) are assembled into “the big wheel” against the wall on the large blue hub which is the most prominent element of the view. Later, as a full unit, the wheel will move up against the end of the barrel. More details are on the ATLAS public page, including a very nice video.

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