Fall Break, New York City

New York City street, Canyon of HeroesLast week I used the two day fall break that the University of Michigan now offers to visit New York city with Jeremy. Jeremy’s friend Kyle, who worked for him on the web lecture archive project, is getting his MFA studying film at Columbia and offered us a place to stay.

We had an incredible time overall, though there were some frustrations. The first day we tried to take the ferry to Ellis Island, but we arrived just as the last boat was leaving (3:40pm, so early!). On the last day we planned to walk around Central Park, but on that day, after three days of perfect weather, it rained continuously. But, we did eventually get to Ellis Island, and instead of seeing the park I was able to buy some shoes I desperately needed and hang out with Jeremy at a very nice cafe.

Other things worked out perfectly. I eventually found the Crumpler store that I wanted to visit, and though they didn’t have the bag I wanted in the color I wanted, the woman working there was very helpful. I ordered the bag online that night. Jeremy got some shoes that he is now obsessed with. We visited the MoMA and I saw all the parts I missed the last time plus the new temporary exhibit. Saturday, Jeremy and I had a light meal and tea at Teany, and Sunday morning we had tea with Steve and Emily, who just happened to visiting that weekend. Steve took us to a place that had very good tea and sandwiches, Alice’s Teapot, though the girly decor was so extereme that Jeremy and I are certain we would never have stepped foot in the place on our own. We also took a couple long walks, once wondering all the way up from the tip of downtown to Times Square, another time circling the Village with Kyle looking for a bar. On that second trip we eventually ended up at an excellent caviar/martini bar a little bit outside the village on the edge of SoHo called Pravda. The pear martini I started off with was probably my favorite, and Kyle had one with strawberries that was also excellent, the ingrediants always tasted as fresh as they could be.

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