A Cool Breeze

Kenmore air conditionerThat’s 5150 British thermal units in my window, baby! The $99+tax I spent a couple weekends ago at Sears on my new Kenmore buddy is money I will never miss. I love the igloo that is my room, and I may never leave. Most especially it’s wonderful to be able to sleep comfortably the whole summer. The evaporative cycle rocks!

Sadly, I do have to venture out of my room now and again.  There is eating and showering and working, for example.  The Weather Service is predicting 95°F for the beginning of the coming week.  I wish I could sleep all day in my air conditioned room and turn nocturnal.  It’s still a little humid, but the nights are quite close to pleasant.

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  1. Jeremy said,

    August 1, 2006 @ 3:39 am

    First of all: FUCK!!!
    Secondly: Don’t trust Sears!

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