Photos: current work plus BBQs, work, and other things from last summer.

I’ve added new things to my albums:

  • Chamber construction – What I’m working on right now.
  • Week 27 – With Jeremy in Geneva and French National Day.
  • Week 28 – Sunflowers, two barbeques, pictures of the work in 180, the broken window on our car, and more…
  • Week 29 – Erecting the first endcap muon sector frame in 180

Also, thanks to Jeremy I discovered that the new folders were hidden to everyone except me (unless you link directly to them) and that problem is now fixed. Next up is will be weeks 30 and 34. Then I will put up those panoramas from Chamonix that I promised. And then finally I need to go back and fill in the photos from previous years (first the summer of 2004, then much older stuff that was on my old web page).

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