Paris, Cambridge, and St. Patrick’s Photos

I put up two large albums of Paris photos in the gallery a few days ago.  I’m still in the process of adding captions, though.  Speaking of captions, I finally made a change to my gallery so that you can see the captions I put in from past years.  They only show up on the individual photo pages, not the whole album view.  (Also, note, since at least one person has asked, the arrows that appear on the gallery images when your mouse is over the image indicate that you can click to move forward or back.  It’s an easy way to browse through the images quickly.)
At the same time I also put up some older stuff that I hadn’t gotten around to.  Just before my trip to Paris I took a trip to Harvard for a workshop where I gave two presentations.  I didn’t get a lot of time to visit Boston, just one evening walk around downtown, but loved what time I had there.  Also, I put up some much older photos from St. Patrick’s Day when Heidi invited us over for a nice dinner at her place including the usual corned beef, cabbage, and beer.

I’m realizing I have quite a lot of older stuff that should be put up in the gallery, not just from two years ago but even from just last year.  Hopefully I will get to some of that in the next week or two.  With Monica and Jeremy gone and the town kind of quite for the summer, I’m looking for things to entertain me.  So, maybe my web page will finally get the updates it deserves.

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