Could Fox News Find Iraq on a Map?

Mt. Merapi in Indonesia
Merapi in “Idaho”

Does asking Jim down in marketing constitute “fact checking” at Fox News? How else does one come to describe Mt. St. Helens as being in Oregon? (St. Helens, though closer to Oregon than say British Columbia or Peru, is still unquestionably and entirely contained in Washington State.) First you learn how to report the location of a volcano, and then, if all goes well, maybe we’ll through you in as an alternate on the local school board beat. I know you are full of enthusiasm Fox News, but first you have to prove yourself: baby steps, baby steps.Speaking of “fair and balanced”, this is why the only prudent response to political ads on TV is one finger in each ear and a humming noise just shy of skull-cracking resonance.

Hey, Fox News, one last question for you: from which direction would you invade Iran?

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