Europium in the

100 Euro banknoteIn the previous entry I mentioned the rare element Europium. I still an not sure how expensive Europium is and whether it, or some other special element, is a factor in the high cost of full spectrum florescent bulbs, but I did run across an interesting side note. The element may be an important ingrediant in the design of the Euro notes. Though a topic such as this is obviously a senstive one, this article describes what it can.

By the way, while I was looking for this image of a Euro banknote I noticed that the official European Union website is in the .INT top-level domain, something I hadn’t noticed before. I think it is quite cool, and it is in a very exclusive club. I wish my existance was governed by an international treaty so I could join the club. (There is some slight hope for the rest of us: somehow those sneaky bastards at the YMCA got a domain in .INT, and they certainly weren’t created by an international treaty.)

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