Berlusconi is a Baby

Lex BerlusconiNot only is Berlusconi desperate—Newsweek’s Perspectives reported this quote a week ago,

“Seven out of the nine young ladies I called said they preferred me, which is very good news indeed.”
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, admitting to calling phone-sex lines to ask operators whether they planned to vote for him or opponent Romano Prodi in this past Sunday’s elections. Prodi’s camp called Berlusconi “desperate.”

—now it seems Berlusconi is actually just a big, whiny baby.

(Sorry Marco, but from what little I know of Italian politics I’m forced to side with Giulia on this one.)

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  1. Marco said,

    May 29, 2006 @ 1:17 am

    The fact that Berlusconi cares a lot the vote of ladies is known since long time ago. Infact, at the beginning of his legislature he listed a few of pearks of investing in Italy. He stated that it was a great country to invest in… after the election we had fewer communists, and those we were still there denied having been one. And, I’m coming to the point of the blog, another reason to invest in Italy is that “we have beautiful secretaries… superb girls”.
    Concerning the quality of his government, I remember one of his famous hits: “we have worked a lot. Only Napoleon did more than me – but I’m certainly taller than him”.
    Ouch! The way this guy used to talk was absolutely impressive.

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