Toronto’s Population

Today, just before going to bed, I happened across an article describing why London would be a good setting for the new GTA4 (Grand Theft Auto 4), which is a game I have “some interest in” and that is due out later this year. At first glance the article has the intense stench of immaturity and longwindedness; it uses phrases such as “it is purest logic”.  Don’t bother reading it.  Better info about the game is at  Anyway, my point is not about GTA4, it is about Toronto and it’s population. The article lists some city populations to make a comparison between previous cities used as inspiration for GTA games (NYC, Miami, LA-SF-LV) and London (which may inspire GTA4). I took note that they listed Toronto’s population as 2.4M, fourth largest in the US and Canada behind New York, Los Angles, and Chicago. Of course, as the dicussion for the “List of Cities by Population” article on Wikipedia indicates, determing what should be included in a city and what even counts as a city can be tricky issues. In fact, the list of cities with highest population includes Toronto, but Chicago doesn’t make the cut (though rightfully even Toronto shouldn’t have made the cut because Hong Kong was excluded because it isn’t technically a “city”, a pointless issue to quible over to my mind.  Nevertheless, it seems clear that Toronto is similar in population, possibly slightly smaller, than Chicago. It is an interesting issue because I was discussion it recently with someone. I knew Toronto was the largest city in Canada (the metropolitan area contains about 1/6 of all the people in Canada), but it wasn’t clear to me that it was above 2 million or as close in population to Chicago, somehow it seems a little smaller than that to me.

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