Gum on The Bay

The Bay by Hellen FrankenthaleI just heard on the Cobert Report that the Detroit Institute of Art had a little run-in with a 12 year old and some Wrigley’s Extra Polar Ice. The painting, The Bay by Helen Frankenthale, is worth over $1 million, and so every effort will be made to restore it to pristine abstract glory. But, there will forever remain a more fundamental tarnish: Steven Cobert has now added “non-representational art” to his Threat-Down (#3 or 4, I think). There’s an article about the incident in the Detroit Free Press.

Speaking of which. Not long ago I was browsing BoingBoing and came across an article about a special show at the Tate Britian that centers around The Nightmare, a painting that looked very familar. It turns out that the painting is in the DIA collection and I had visited the museum just a few weeks before (for a Rodin show). It’s nice to see that Detroit still has enough spark left in it that it can be loaning out art to the likes of the Tate Britian.

(BTW, now that I have been staring at the The Bay for the 10 minutes that it took to type this, I’m starting to realize it looks supiciously like that old/young lady optical illusion. It is very unnerving.  She has red lipstick.)

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