“Spring” Break Toronto

I just got back from a short trip to Toronto with Monica. The pictures are in my gallery. The drive up was a little slow, a stretch of the highway between London and Toronto was not fully plowed and traffic sometimes was at a standstill. We stayed two nights and almost exactly 48 hours in the city. The hotel, Bond Place, which we found on Quikbook, was nice enough, very centrally located, and cheap. The first night we just did a little walking and had dinner at a pub, where I had a nice rendition of French dip, something I’ve been craving for the last week. The second day we visited Chinatown, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and Kensington Market as well as poking our heads into a few stores along Queen Street. Both lunch and dinner were extremely good: lunch at a Chinese dumpling place and dinner at a Peruvian place, Boulevard Cafe. At Boulevard Cafe I had what probably was the best prepared tuna steak I have ever had, of course you have to consider that we spent around $120CAD for the meal, including a good wine. On the third day we walked to the Distillery District, stopping in a few of the nice furniture stores along the way. After that we walked toward the water, enjoyed a bench for a short while, and then walked back up through downtown to Eaton Centre and then our car. Our final dinner, out of practicality (we were tired and it was right near our car), was at the Hard Rock Cafe; it was the first time I have been in one. Try as they might, we escaped without buying the Hard Rock Cafe Monopoly game. The drive back was very straightforward, it took 5h10 including a quick gas stop and at one point a slight course correction (somehow navigating is in Canada is not quit as easy as it is in the States, I don’t think the signage is quite as informative).

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  1. Monica said,

    March 6, 2006 @ 11:31 pm

    I must agree a good time was had by all! My only complaint was the weather. Now I understand why people travel to Toronto primarily in the summer time, it’s FREEZING! in the winter. Yet with plenty of warm clothes and box of kleenex (for my sniffles), Alan and I ventured the city in full force.

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