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A Cool Breeze

Kenmore air conditionerThat’s 5150 British thermal units in my window, baby! The $99+tax I spent a couple weekends ago at Sears on my new Kenmore buddy is money I will never miss. I love the igloo that is my room, and I may never leave. Most especially it’s wonderful to be able to sleep comfortably the whole summer. The evaporative cycle rocks!

Sadly, I do have to venture out of my room now and again.  There is eating and showering and working, for example.  The Weather Service is predicting 95°F for the beginning of the coming week.  I wish I could sleep all day in my air conditioned room and turn nocturnal.  It’s still a little humid, but the nights are quite close to pleasant.

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My phone in red

Red K750iIt seems there is now a red version of my phone. In contrast, I am green with envy.

But, the question is why would you be buying the K750i when you can have the latest and greatest, the K800i, do you like red that much? (The 800 has 3G, a 3.2MP camera with a flash and stabaliztion, plus I think it looks cooler than the 750. What? The $335 price difference–at Mobilebee–you say? Psshhaw!)

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