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No E-mail for Me-male.

Destroyed Hard DriveMy email has been completely inaccessable since before lunch time Friday. A “raid lockup caused file system corruption” I hear. That’s techno-talk for good luck connecting to the outside world, your e-mail is officially frakked. For now I must cross my fingers and hope the interns weren’t playing with thermite, so I can get back the 3200 messages I had in my inbox.

If the problem was gun-play in the data center I’m sure HP would like to sell the U. some servers.

(Speaking of frakking, did you know there are 11 people nerdy enough to announce that they want to “frack a cylon” on 43things. Though I don’t stoop to their level, sadly, I am at least nerdy enough to understand what they are talking about.)

Update: my e-mail is back in commission!


Berlusconi is a Baby

Lex BerlusconiNot only is Berlusconi desperate—Newsweek’s Perspectives reported this quote a week ago,

“Seven out of the nine young ladies I called said they preferred me, which is very good news indeed.”
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, admitting to calling phone-sex lines to ask operators whether they planned to vote for him or opponent Romano Prodi in this past Sunday’s elections. Prodi’s camp called Berlusconi “desperate.”

—now it seems Berlusconi is actually just a big, whiny baby.

(Sorry Marco, but from what little I know of Italian politics I’m forced to side with Giulia on this one.)

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Melted Plastic Soldier Bowl

Plastic soldiers melted into a bowl.Make bowls, not war! Though, if your bowls aren’t going to even hold water I would question your usefullness in times of war or peace. What are you going to fill it with, wicker balls? Let me take this moment to give you the gift of truthiness: Wicker balls don’t kill Nazis. That is all.

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