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Gallery Updates

I’ve added a whole bunch of new stuff to my gallery in recent weeks. I should now be completely up to date, so I will try to go back and put up older stuff in the next few days.

Folders that I have added or have been added to:


The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in Seattle

Can guess what’s happening right now around Seattle? Raining. Guess what the weather report says it going to do until Monday… rain, rain showers, likely rain showers, likely rain, oh, and a little wind thrown in Sunday night for spice.


A Seattle Welcome

Rain, rain rain. This is the weather report I was greeted with when I returned home to Washington State. I cropped off a couple days worth from the image below, but you get the idea. Source: National Weather Service

forecast for rain all week in Tacoma


New Swiss Francs

potential 50CHF note
The Swiss National Bank had a contest to find new banknote designs and they are extremely cool. I especially like the maps on the 1st place entry. Maps make everything better.
(via Boing Boing)

In other Swissish news: did you know you can get a USB powered fondue pot? Hot sticky cheese has never gotten so close to your keyboard! Actually it is just a joke; the 2.5W maximum that USB can provide is not likely to melt much beyond a thimble of that florescent orange cafeteria nacho crap. Speaking of which, since we are obviously on track to having a USB powered version of everything in the world (at least in our imaginations), can I get a USB powered particle accelerator? If we can keep the power consumption down to where it can share the bus with a fondue pot that would be great.


How about that weather?

Looking at US climate normals I see that the average temperature for December in this part of the country is 28°F with a standard deviation of about 4. But, checking the local weather I note that it is currently -2°F. Ou la la! Tomorrow it is supposed to “warm” into the mid 20s and drop at least a couple inches of snow. All the better for me to stay inside and study for finals I guess.


Dance Party

I just posted photos from our party last night. Eduardo’s salsa was, as usual, incredible. A wide variety of people showed up and were visibly enjoying themselves. As the night progressed, so did the snow outside and the dancing inside. I have to send an special shout out to Jeremy for his kick-ass debut as DJ. That man needs Santa to double his iPodage and bring an iDJ this Christmas, then maybe he’d be on his way to a second carear.

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