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Stainless Steel Tip

My ball point pen (aquired at the ATLAS Secretariat) is described in three languages in the following way

  • Edelstahlspitze [15 letters, 1 word]
  • stainless steel tip [17 letters, 3 words]
  • pointe en acier inoxydable [24 letters, 4 words]

I’d like to think that linguistic brevity is suggestive of our priorities. I congratulate the Germans on their focus, it has brought into my hand a simple yet statisfying pen (a Schneider TOPS 505 M, made in Germany).

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Rome Presentation Online

My presentation at the ATLAS is now online thanks to Jeremy, Mitch, and the WLAP project. Still to be posted is the conlusion talk by Peter Jenni (ATLAS spokesperson) in which he specifically mentions my “enthusiastic” presentation. Hopefully that will appear soon.


Jeremy Tiberius Herr

New quiz: which one of these two invented the telephone? I’ll give you a hint, neither of them has “yet”, but there are a whole lot of temporal anomolies left to encounter.

Jeremy loves his new shirt. I won’t even begin to tell you how many days in a row he has been wearing it. I agree, it’s great. William Shatner thinks it is great too; he’d probably even sing a song about it, it’s so great. I wish Jeremy luck with his new shirt, may he live long and prosper!

(Jeremy, I’m so sorry! I can’t help myself. I have a problem… Now that I have admitted I have a problem it’s all OK, right? Of course it is.)

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