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Pisa Pics and More

Just for the record and in case you are one of those strange folk who bother to look at my blog and yet still don’t hit reload on my gallery every five minutes I’d like to announce some new gallery entries.

Week 17 has some pictures from an evening at our favorite bar here in Geneva. In attendance were John, Reid, Giulia, Francois, Florent, Filip, and a friendly stranger (Tori) with a small leather jacket that doesn’t look half bad on me. This is the photoset that finally puts to rest Mom’s complaints about not having enough pictures of me. In fact I hear there are too many. Too Many? TOO MANY?! Why isn’t this quite an about-face on such a critical point of contention!

For those of you are mostly disinterested in our jolly little tungsten toned night lives then might I offer up Week 18 which includes photos from my trip to Pisa. That set has it’s fair share of carousing as well, but for you scenic/travel photo lovers out there I’ve thrown in a few pics of leaning towers and such. Nibble on the bits you find tastiest, there is enough to go around.

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New Games Journalism

A somewhat old article, but I’m cleaning out a few of my saved links…

The New York Times surprises me a bit with some intensely interesting references to New Games Journalism sprouting up in the UK and hopefully other places soon. It is a mode of video game description and review skipping over specification and impression and cutting right to the human heart of the thing, vignettes of drama played out in well written and intensely personal essays.

The link they don’t give directly, presumably because their publishing policy forbids use of the n-word (not unreasonable, be even inside a link?), is right here.


The Interactive Web

Informative and entertaining, miscellaneous “games” for miscellaneous people with miscellaneous time.


Tiled Mini

Anyone who has spent a moderate amount of time with me in recent years knows I think the new Mini Coopers are intensely cool. In case you are a wealthy philanthropist with concerns for the downtrodden and carless I might note that there is one special boy out there with unfulfilled $23k dreams: Cooper S + purple haze body color + black roof + premium & convenience packages. Keep me in mind*.

In further Mini news, a lucky few have their Mini Cooper kitchen/bathroom ready: Bisazza presents tile mosaic Minis. The concept has some strange appeal, though the patterened one at the top is a little too grandma’s-tea-set for me. The RGB stripes aren’t bad, though, and the black and white checker is quite classy (all formal-wearish up close, but fading to a nice grey at a distance). Of course you need to watch for mildew and regrout after 60,000 miles.

Slapping a few tiles on a Mini isn’t anywhere as cool as rebuilding it into a robot, but thankfully it lacks that whole enslaving the human race downside.

* Alan Wilson is not a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are not tax deductable.


When Science Calls, Blogging Suffers

Sorry for the long period with no updates. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time to update my gallery and blog. With Marco’s wedding filling the weekend before a relatively important presentation I was busy most every day for two weeks straight.

Here is a list of the presentations I have made recently. The later ones are all much the same because I was busy with other things and so wasn’t doing much updating.

14 March UM ATLAS Weekly Meeting (protected)
12 April US ATLAS Muon Software Meeting
19 April Muon Software / Combined Muon Performance Session (Muon Week)
27 April Standard Model Meeting

In addition to the Z -> mu mu studies covered in my presentations, I have also been looking at some other types of events for Bing and Zhengguo. See, for example, Zhengguo’s presentation in the Standard Model Meeting listed above.

I will likely continue to be very busy into early June when a major Atlas meeting takes place in Rome where I am scheduled to give a presentation. By then Jeremy will be in town to film the event and stay on for the summer. I might just end up in the Web Lecture Archive.