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Sunny Kauai and Icy Ann Arbor Pictures

Kaui ocean and ridgeThey went up at least a week ago, but just for the record, I have uploaded my pictures from Kauai. Captions are still not complete and I think I still need to upload three panoramas I stiched together. My parents, sister, and I spent five days on the island betwen Christmas and New Years. It was a very nice trip. Trips like that could always be longer, but I think we got to do all the major things we wanted to do,

  • One day on the north shore all the way to the edge of the Na Pali coast
  • One day visiting Waimea canyon (the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”) and short hike around the upper edge of Kalalau Valley
  • One day at the National Botanical Gardens and a trip to the beach
  • One day touring a monestary with incredibly beautiful grounds and a short trip to a beach
  • One day snorkeling at a beach on the southern shore
  • Lots of Mahi Mahi and Portugese baked goods

On the opposite end of the weather spectrum… we had some freezing rain that coated all of Ann Arbor in ice a few days ago, and I have uploaded some pictures. It was followed by a tiny dusting of snow. This doesn’t happen too often, and it’s exciting when it does. The weather got even colder the next day as the sky cleared so we were treated to a couple days of sparkling trees, they almost looked metallic. By now most of the ice is gone, but it’s snowing again. Snow is the one thing we haven’t seen much of this year.


Photos: current work plus BBQs, work, and other things from last summer.

I’ve added new things to my albums:

  • Chamber construction – What I’m working on right now.
  • Week 27 – With Jeremy in Geneva and French National Day.
  • Week 28 – Sunflowers, two barbeques, pictures of the work in 180, the broken window on our car, and more…
  • Week 29 – Erecting the first endcap muon sector frame in 180

Also, thanks to Jeremy I discovered that the new folders were hidden to everyone except me (unless you link directly to them) and that problem is now fixed. Next up is will be weeks 30 and 34. Then I will put up those panoramas from Chamonix that I promised. And then finally I need to go back and fill in the photos from previous years (first the summer of 2004, then much older stuff that was on my old web page).


Chamonix pics and more

Goat on a rockI’m filling out the gaps in my gallery for 2005 these days. Lately I’ve filled in Week 24 and Week 25. Week 25 includes hundreds of pictures from my trip with James to Chamonix. Still, there are panoramas I have yet to process and will appear later. There are also new photos for Week 12 and Week 13. (There are no photos from week 11.)


Rabbit Visitor

Rabbit sitting in my yard.On Tuesday, just after passing Linda on “a great run” I arrived home to find a rabbit sitting in the middle of our yard. A picture from my phone camera is in the gallery. It hoped away before I could get my good camera. I hope it doesn’t nibble away all of the “spicy mixed greens” I am growing (seen in the background).  On Sunday at the end of walk through the arboretum I ran into a raccoon eating some french fries on the steps next to the hospital helipad.  I’ll upload a picture just as soon as I can get a reliable network connection, lately the one at home has seemed flaky.  I’m also working on uploading pictures to fill out my 2005 – CERN folder, but I may have to do that from my office.


Paris, Cambridge, and St. Patrick’s Photos

I put up two large albums of Paris photos in the gallery a few days ago.  I’m still in the process of adding captions, though.  Speaking of captions, I finally made a change to my gallery so that you can see the captions I put in from past years.  They only show up on the individual photo pages, not the whole album view.  (Also, note, since at least one person has asked, the arrows that appear on the gallery images when your mouse is over the image indicate that you can click to move forward or back.  It’s an easy way to browse through the images quickly.)
At the same time I also put up some older stuff that I hadn’t gotten around to.  Just before my trip to Paris I took a trip to Harvard for a workshop where I gave two presentations.  I didn’t get a lot of time to visit Boston, just one evening walk around downtown, but loved what time I had there.  Also, I put up some much older photos from St. Patrick’s Day when Heidi invited us over for a nice dinner at her place including the usual corned beef, cabbage, and beer.

I’m realizing I have quite a lot of older stuff that should be put up in the gallery, not just from two years ago but even from just last year.  Hopefully I will get to some of that in the next week or two.  With Monica and Jeremy gone and the town kind of quite for the summer, I’m looking for things to entertain me.  So, maybe my web page will finally get the updates it deserves.


Argonne Workshop

Argonne National Labratory logoLast week I made a trip to Argonne National Laboratory to give a talk at the The North American Standard Model and Higgs Physics Workshop. I gave my presentation on Friday the 28th, but the workshop started on the 27th (and there was a software tutorial on the 26th). Unfortunately, I had an exam on the afternoon of the 27th, so I had to miss at least half of the show. Before my exam I checked out a car from the University motor pool. Then, in the evening, right after the exam Jeremy, Monica, and I cooked a nice dinner before I drove the 4 1/2 hours to Chicago, where Argonne is located.

The trip went fine, though I got a little lost less than a mile away from the Lab. My directions from Google Maps lead me astray. It mentions an incorrect or very misleading turn and I hadn’t looked at the map in enough detail to recover. The route it gives, though not bad, wasn’t the most efficient or robust (it’s better to stay on the freeway longer). Adding slightly to my difficulties was my stop at a gas station to ask for directions. The attendant not only didn’t know anything about Argonne, the giant complex almost a stone’s through away, but he didn’t seem to know English well enough to understand my question “Where am I?” When a guy is looking questioningly at a map and he asks you something do you even need to understand the language to know what he might be asking? I’d think it would be obvious enough, and in response all you need to do is point! It is possible, though baffling to a map-centric person like myself, that he just didn’t know where his gas station was on the map.

I finally arrived in my guest room a little after midnight local time (1am Ann Arbor time; I had left at 8pm). The guest house is quite nice, no different than any mid-level hotel, very new, and my room had huge windows facing a nice patch of woods. You can see pictures in the gallery.

Comparing only the campuses, I’d say Argonne is certainly nicer than CERN (though CERN still wins hands down if you consider the surounding mountains and lake). The buildings are in a couple large groups with a few others scattered around. Between the buildings is a good quantity of trees and a few significant hills. Argonne is surrounded by the nice Waterfall Glen Forest Reserve that I visited on my way out Satuday morning.
At least the part of the conference that I attended seemed to go fine. It went a bit late, as these things always do. My talk went fine, the content and presentation wasn’t anything very groundshaking though. At dinner I was surprised to discover that they use the Guest House much like any other hotel; kids from a Lutheran highschool were arriving in tuxedos and gowns for a dinner and dance. It is surprising because access to the site is somewhat restricted, so there is the slight hassle of registration before you arrive, but maybe it is the only hotel with a ballroom in the area. The first evidence of the event was the DJ unloading his equipment at the door of the hotel. Initially I mistook his lighting equiptment (a ball with colored panels attached to a motor) for some sort of fascinating scientific appuratus.Before going to bed I helped Bing grade the final exams for her class. The problems looked like fun ones, but grading is always a painful thing to do. Bing was nice enough to give me the easier problems to grade.

I accidently set the horribly designed clock radio&emdash;the buttons that set the time should never be the easiest ones to press&emdash;ahead two hours when I groggily groped for the snooze button Saturday morning. I lept out of bed in a panic a few minutes later when I woke, checked the clock, and thought I had just slept for two hours. The result was that I got going earlier than you would expect from a chronologically retarded person such as myself. There were so many people parked around the entrance to Waterfall Glen as I was leaving I thought I had to stop by and check it out. It is a very nice place for a stroll, run, or a bike ride. I even saw a few people with horses. The falls aren’t spectacular, but just walking through the woods or along the river is nice enough.

There are pictures in the gallery.


Gordon Freeman’s CERN Adventure

As promised in a recent post, I have put a few old pictures from my first year at CERN up in the gallery.  They include some photos from the second time I explored the tunnels under 184, showing it off to the other students for the first time.  The folder is Week 20 from 2004.   There were later trips where we went farther, but I don’t think I took photos, these are fairly representative.


“Spring” Break Toronto

I just got back from a short trip to Toronto with Monica. The pictures are in my gallery. The drive up was a little slow, a stretch of the highway between London and Toronto was not fully plowed and traffic sometimes was at a standstill. We stayed two nights and almost exactly 48 hours in the city. The hotel, Bond Place, which we found on Quikbook, was nice enough, very centrally located, and cheap. The first night we just did a little walking and had dinner at a pub, where I had a nice rendition of French dip, something I’ve been craving for the last week. The second day we visited Chinatown, The Art Gallery of Ontario, and Kensington Market as well as poking our heads into a few stores along Queen Street. Both lunch and dinner were extremely good: lunch at a Chinese dumpling place and dinner at a Peruvian place, Boulevard Cafe. At Boulevard Cafe I had what probably was the best prepared tuna steak I have ever had, of course you have to consider that we spent around $120CAD for the meal, including a good wine. On the third day we walked to the Distillery District, stopping in a few of the nice furniture stores along the way. After that we walked toward the water, enjoyed a bench for a short while, and then walked back up through downtown to Eaton Centre and then our car. Our final dinner, out of practicality (we were tired and it was right near our car), was at the Hard Rock Cafe; it was the first time I have been in one. Try as they might, we escaped without buying the Hard Rock Cafe Monopoly game. The drive back was very straightforward, it took 5h10 including a quick gas stop and at one point a slight course correction (somehow navigating is in Canada is not quit as easy as it is in the States, I don’t think the signage is quite as informative).

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Gallery Updates

Over a week ago I put up a few additional albums in my gallery,


Gallery Updates

I’ve added a whole bunch of new stuff to my gallery in recent weeks. I should now be completely up to date, so I will try to go back and put up older stuff in the next few days.

Folders that I have added or have been added to:


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