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Putting the blog back in Zomb(log)ie

OK, I shall make a pointless confession: this blog is dead.  I know.  You already knew that.  Thank you very much.  It’s about time it rose from the grave, and if it returns with a redoubled taste for brains, so be it.  So, I now promise new posts from here on out.  As reliable as the infernal sun rising to burn this blog’s loam-dappled tatters of pale flesh, posts will appear.

I hope.

We’ll see.

Wish me luck.

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Meta: Upgrades

Pardon the mess. I’m upgrading the software this blog runs on (WordPress) and making some changes. For a while some things might not work correctly. Hopefully this will stabalize soon and I might even put up a few entries!


Dance Party

I just posted photos from our party last night. Eduardo’s salsa was, as usual, incredible. A wide variety of people showed up and were visibly enjoying themselves. As the night progressed, so did the snow outside and the dancing inside. I have to send an special shout out to Jeremy for his kick-ass debut as DJ. That man needs Santa to double his iPodage and bring an iDJ this Christmas, then maybe he’d be on his way to a second carear.

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New Photos & Life Aquatic

Zissou looks through porthole in Life Aquatic
I’ve started adding photos to my Winter 2004 gallery. I should be able to finish this afternoon. After that I think I will go back and work on adding some photos from the summer of 2004. I know Pierre would like to see them and he was kind enough to lone me his Life Aquatic DVD this week. So, my next uploads are dedicated to you, Pierre!

(Though it may not have lived up to all the reviewers’ expectationsRushmore is a somewhat better film—I found Life Aquatic to be great notheless.)


Gallery Update: all recent photos up

A bunch of new photos went up in my 2005- Ann Arbor gallery. All the photos that I plan to post for that section should now be up. The titles are “Return from Geneva”, “CERN Rockers”, “Toledo Speedway: Night of Destruction”, “Babbs After Party”, “Terry’s Potluck”, “Math Friends at House”, “Tech Transfer Fair”, “Around House”, and “Halloween”. I have no captions or meta data at the moment, that will take more time.


Pisa Pics and More

Just for the record and in case you are one of those strange folk who bother to look at my blog and yet still don’t hit reload on my gallery every five minutes I’d like to announce some new gallery entries.

Week 17 has some pictures from an evening at our favorite bar here in Geneva. In attendance were John, Reid, Giulia, Francois, Florent, Filip, and a friendly stranger (Tori) with a small leather jacket that doesn’t look half bad on me. This is the photoset that finally puts to rest Mom’s complaints about not having enough pictures of me. In fact I hear there are too many. Too Many? TOO MANY?! Why isn’t this quite an about-face on such a critical point of contention!

For those of you are mostly disinterested in our jolly little tungsten toned night lives then might I offer up Week 18 which includes photos from my trip to Pisa. That set has it’s fair share of carousing as well, but for you scenic/travel photo lovers out there I’ve thrown in a few pics of leaning towers and such. Nibble on the bits you find tastiest, there is enough to go around.

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Startling New Layout

Don’t freak out! I repeat, don’t freak out! I just upgraded this blog to WordPress 1.5 and for now I’m using the default layout. When I get a chance I will bring back a few of the missing bits like the pictures and the calendar of upcoming events, as well as tweak the layout.

Update: … and I will probably upgrade my galleries soon, as well. Maybe tonight, if Geneva isn’t consumed by revolution.


More action packed pics!

Two more albums just went up with tons of scenic and action packed pics. Weeks 34 and 35 cover much good times, from the peak of the Schilthorn, to the skies over Interlaken, to the velvety green hills of Scotland, and back again. Oh, and Pacale brings us hats! (Now Pascale features in two post in a row, but will that appease her vanity? We will see…)

Todo: captions are totally missing from these new albums, and I need to adjust the time stamps on all those before Scotland. (After bouncing it off the road during the Tour de France, I set my camera’s clock to a time 12 hours early. Of course I didn’t notice the problem until a month later when we left for our foray into Greenwich mean time.)

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New Photos in Gallery

Though I assure you my troubles are not over with France Telecom, one of the world’s most incompetent organization, we do at least have our home internet connection back again! Plus, we this time we actually recieved the wireless router! Uploading pictures while at CERN was, for various reasons, difficult, so I am finally getting back to work on my gallery. Three new weeks from last year went up today, week 36, 37, and 42, though not all of them have full captions. More will hopefully appear tomorrow. I think everything back to week 30 is ready to upload right now. After that I will put up some more recent pictures, and the finally go back to finish up the pictures from last year.

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