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Day to Day Communications at CERN

I’m at CERN right now and I met up with Pascale and Giulia for a walk around Geneva. Giulia told me about an awesome video, a parody of another CERN video from back in the day. My favorite part is when they visit the professors lab at the end.

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Enjoy, and also check out the original.


Carlton and Folgers Ads

Sunshine man peers down at sleeping man.There are two very cool commericals mentioned on JJ Sutherland’s ‘Mix Signals’ NPR blog. The first is a quirky, self-conscious implementation of a cool, over-the-top beer ad concept. I like the little touches like the men piling over the wire fence and the lone horse rider; they are dramatic and yet pointless much like the whole commercial. The second ad is a Folgers commercial that is the stuff of my worst nightmares. Can they show this stuff on TV? If you know me and my relationship to mornings then you will understand.

Speaking of video “entertainment” on the web, consider putting the Earth in a sandwich.

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Precious Resources

Strindberg and Helium
Did you ever stop to think that kid’s parties and carnivals are squandering one of our worlds most nonrenueable resources? That’s right, helium is only produced by nuclear decay deep in the Earth and once it is released into the atmosphere it is essentially lost to space. Did you know that until 1960 only the federal goverment was allowed to produce helium in the U.S.? And to this day the U.S. government runs a Fedral helium storage program. If you are in the market for helium then 2005 might be your year.

Here at CERN we will be using helium intensely in coming years as the superconducting magnets in the LHC, ATLAS, CMS, and other experiments are cooled down to a couple degrees above absolute zero with liquid helium, some which is superfluid. But don’t worry, the vast majority of that helium will be used in closed-loop systems which cool and condense the gas back into a liquid with a minimum of loss. The truth is, though, that I’m probably personally responsible for the loss of more helium than the average person. There’s all those 1000 liter muon chambers we filled and refilled with helium to track down leaks. There’s the
helium balloons that I personally filled and bled for during CERN open day last year. Plus, I have good friends that regularly crack open a bottle of liquid helium and let thermodynamics take it’s course.

So inert and yet so precious. Appreciate helium for it’s wonders and uses and never squander it, for if we do future generations will never know comedic genius such as Strindberg and Helium

(Some links found via the UW Physics 110 FAQ and Boing Boing.)


Meat Popsicles

robot snowman
It occurs to me that if you are going to be so unwise as to invade Russian in the wintertime then you would be wise to do it with a robot assisted snowman army lead by clowns. (Nothing motivates me to turn and run more than clowns.) Maybe this is why the Russians are keeping such technology to themselves.


Celine Dion, Devourer of Children


The Lonely Island

Everything I have looked at on The Lonely Island has been hilarious. I laughed so hard, if only I had worn plastic pants today I might have felt free to pee them. Oh plastic pants, where are you?