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Meat Popsicles

robot snowman
It occurs to me that if you are going to be so unwise as to invade Russian in the wintertime then you would be wise to do it with a robot assisted snowman army lead by clowns. (Nothing motivates me to turn and run more than clowns.) Maybe this is why the Russians are keeping such technology to themselves.


Startling New Layout

Don’t freak out! I repeat, don’t freak out! I just upgraded this blog to WordPress 1.5 and for now I’m using the default layout. When I get a chance I will bring back a few of the missing bits like the pictures and the calendar of upcoming events, as well as tweak the layout.

Update: … and I will probably upgrade my galleries soon, as well. Maybe tonight, if Geneva isn’t consumed by revolution.


The Cow Goes Mooo!

Until the topic of See ‘n Says came up at a wonderful dinner over at Giulia’s apartment last night I hadn’t thought much about them. I had no idea they were essentially modern day gramophones. Pretty cool, but I still haven’t found what I set out for, a See ‘n Say java applet.


Ice Tombs

My friend Marco refered me to a page full of pictures from the extremely cold and windy day a couple days ago. The water for Lake Geneva has encased cars and trees in ice. It’s crazy! I’ve seen the results of one or two ice storms in Ann Arbor, which are quite beautiful and destructive, but the speed of development and thickness of these ice tombs is somehow deeply scary. I look forward to my nighmares gaining a new encased-in-ice permutation.


Santa Terror

‘Tis the season to be scared of santa


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